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 Peter Hollindale The Hidden Teacher: Ideology & Children's Reading.




 Aidan Chambers Tell Me (Children, Reading & Talk) with Reading Environment Combined Volume [Not for sale US & Can.]




 Nancy Chambers, editor, Reading the Novels of Aidan Chambers




 Nancy Chambers, editor, Poetry for Children - The Signal Award 1979-2001.




 Signal 100 final volume




 Aidan Chambers Booktalk: Occasional Writing on Literature & Children




 Aidan Chambers The Reading Environment (1991) Out of print. See combined volume above.



 Aidan Chambers Reading Talk




 Aidan Chambers Tell Me(1993) Out of print. See combined volume above.




 Aidan Chambers (Line by Line imprint) Only Once




 Aidan Chambers (Line by Line imprint) Driving down to Galilee




 Jane Doonan Looking at Pictures in Picture Books




 Margery Fisher Classics  for Children & Young People A Signal Bookguide




 Peter Hollindale Signs of Childness in Children’s Books




 Margaret Meek How Texts Teach What Readers Learn




 Margaret Meek Information & Book Learning




 Elaine Moss Picture Books 9-13 A Signal Bookguide




 Elaine Moss & Nancy Chambers The Signal Companion




 Lissa Paul Reading Otherways Out of Print.



 Mary Steele Traditional Tales A Signal Bookguide




 Anne Wilson Magical Thought in Creative Writing




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