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In 1969 Aidan & Nancy Chambers started the Thimble Press in order to publish the journal Signal Approaches to Children’s Books. Signal appeared three times a year, unsupported by state/institutional subsidy or commercial advertising, and had contributors and subscribers the world over. Each issue collected articles about some of the many aspects of children’s literature: writing and illustrating, educational theory and practice, literary criticism and reviewing; bibliography, biography and personal memoirs; editing and publishing and bookselling; translating and translations and international cultural events; bookmaking and book collecting; social and literary history.

  The final volume of Signal combined the January, May and September 2003 issues Signal 100
  From 1979 to 2001 the Signal Poetry Award articles in each May issue of Signal highlighted current poetry published for children. Other poetry articles in Signal are referenced in The Signal Companion (Stocklist) and in Poetry for Children: The Signal Award 1979-2001, a single volume of all the award articles.
  Since 1975 the writing in Signal has led to separate publications. See Stocklist for currently available Thimble Press titles and Front Covers for a chronological record of these books and booklets.
  In 2009 Reading the Novels of Aidan Chambers: Seven Essays was published to mark the 75th birthday of the Thimble Press publisher.
Nancy Chambers, Editor
  [Aidan Chamberss website: http://www.aidanchambers.co.uk]