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The Hidden Teacher: Ideology & Children's Reading by Peter Hollindale. 2011. 114pp. 978 0903355551. Click here for details.




Tell Me (Children, Reading & Talk) with The Reading Environment by Aidan Chambers. 2011. 200pp. 978 0903355544. Click here for details. Not for sale in US & Canada.





Reading the Novels of Aidan Chambers: Seven Essays edited by Nancy Chambers 2009.164pp. 978 0903355 537. Click here for details.





Poetry for Children: The Signal Award 1979-2001 edited by Nancy Chambers. 2009. 448pp.  978 0903355 52 0. Click here for details.





Signal 100, the final volume (256 pp.), combines the January, May & September 2003 issues.




The Signal Companion by Elaine Moss & Nancy Chambers. 1996. 160pp.  978 0903355483. Cross-referenced annotations for every article in Signal’s first 25 years make a unique survey of the subject of children’s literature.




Reading Talk by Aidan Chambers. 2001. 176pp.  978 0903355506. A collection of writings about youth literature, translation and the value of reading. Includes ‘The Future of the Book’ and ‘Anne Frank's Pen’. Also in Spanish.




Reading Otherways by Lissa Paul. 1998. 96pp. 978  0903355469. An invigorating approach to the discussion of children's books, based in a feminist’s close attention to texts, in collaboration with students. Out of Print.



Information & Book Learning by Margaret Meek. 1996. 128pp.  978 0903355490. A leading critic helps readers think about the nature of information books, how children gather and understand knowledge, the primacy of narrative.

  £  7.95



How Texts Teach What Readers Learn by Margaret Meek. 1988. 48pp. 978  0903355230. Literature is indispensable to literacy: the case is made clearly and with unparalleled impact. A classic.

  £  4.75



Signs of Childness in Children’s Books by Peter Hollindale. 1997. 140pp. 978  0903355445. Children need to create their own childhoods of the mind through encounters with imagined childhoods: how does this idea affect adult readings of children’s books? Also in Japanese.

  £  9.95



Looking at Pictures in Picture Books by Jane Doonan. 1993. 96pp. 978  0903355407. All that’s needed to begin the ‘active contemplation’ of picture books, which can be central to the aesthetic development of children and adults alike. This book developed from a decade of Jane Doonan's contributions to Signal on contemporary picture-book artists. Now back in print (April 2008)

  £  8.50



The Reading Environment: How adults help children enjoy books by Aidan Chambers. 1991. 96pp.  978 0903355360. Out of print. See revision in combined volume above.



Tell Me: Children, Reading & Talk by Aidan Chambers. 1993. 129 pp. 978  0903355421. Out of print. See revision in combined volume above.



(Tell Me and Reading Environment published in US by Stenhouse; in Canada by Pembroke. Also in Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Spanish and 2 Chinese translations; Reading Environment in Lithuanian; Tell Me in Japanese & Italian also.)




Booktalk: Occasional Writing on Literature & Children by Aidan Chambers. 1995 reissue. 192 pp. 978 0903355476. Collection of articles and essays (1976-85), first published by the Bodley Head. Also in Swedish and Spanish. Includes the Children's Literature Association award-winning ‘The Reader in the Book’. [AC received the 1999 Carnegie Medal for Postcards from No Man's Land (Bodley Head); in 2002 the International Board on Books for Young People’s Hans Christian Andersen Medal for lifetime achievement.]

  £  7.50



Picture Books 9-13 A Signal Bookguide by Elaine Moss. 3rd ed. 1992. 64pp.  

  £  3.90

978 0903355391. The idea of offering picture books of high quality and challenging content to readers beyond the infant level occurred to Elaine Moss during her time as a primary school librarian. Her work generated fresh thinking about the potentialities of picture books for older readers.



Classics for Children & Young People A Signal Bookguide by Margery Fisher. 1986. 72pp. 978  0903355209. Exemplary annotations— essays in miniature — by a great critic, offer a historical introduction to the subject of children’s literature.

  £  5.00



Traditional Tales A Signal Bookguide by Mary Steele. 1989. 72pp. 978  0903355292. A children's and youth librarian recommends 150+ titles.

  £  3.25



Magical Thought in Creative Writing: The Distinctive Roles of Fantasy and Imagination in Fiction by Dr Anne Wilson (www.annewilson.co.uk). 1983. 156pp. 978 0903355094.

  £  5.00



Line by Line imprint


Only Once by Aidan Chambers. 1998. 96pp. 978 0953260300. A play for young people to perform.

  £  6.99



Driving down to Galilee by Aidan Chambers. 2008. 132pp. 978 0903355513. The writer's diary of a trip to Israel in 1984.

  £ 5.00





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