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Poetry for Children: The Signal Award 1979-2001
The Signal Poetry Award essays appeared in each May issue
of the journal Signal Approaches to Children’s Books.
The award recipient received a small prize at the time,
but the main reward was being accorded first place in a
substantial written overview of a year’s publishing of poetry for children.
The present collection of these essays is produced to honour
the poets again and to provide an accumulated record of what was
being written for Signal at the time their collections and
anthologies were published. Over more than two decades,
this record covers hundreds of books.
The value of the collection as a resource is augmented by its
25-page index, the main- title entries of which include the books’
original details: author, illustrator, number of pages and publisher.
Bob Barton, Anthea Bell, Gerard Benson, Stephen Bicknell, Aidan Chambers,
Michael Glover, Sophie Hannah, Diana Hendry, Peter Holding, Peter Hollindale,
Peter Hunt, Heather Kay, Jan Mark, Margaret Meek, John Mole, Brian Morse,
Lissa Paul, Neil Philip, Alan Tucker, John Wain, Jennifer Wilson
Award Winners & Highly Commended
Allan Ahlberg, Gerard Benson, James Berry, Charles Causley, Carol Ann Duffy,
Helen Dunmore, Philip Gross, Mike Harding, Anne Harvey, Seamus Heaney, Russell Hoban,
Ted Hughes, Elizabeth Jennings, Jackie Kay, Naomi Lewis, Christopher Logue,
Roger McGough, John Mole, Brian Morse, Grace Nichols, Gareth Owen, Christopher Reid,
Michael Rosen, Matthew Sweeney, Fiona Waters, Raymond Wilson
Poetry for Children: The Signal Award 1979-2001
ISBN 978 0903355 52 0 Paperbound 216 x 140mm 448 pages £14 inland postage-free
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