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Most of the issues from 1975 to 1979 include John Donovan's "American Dispatch" from the Children's Book Council, New York. The Signal Reprints series was edited by Lance Salway. Each May issue from 1979 includes articles on the Signal Poetry Award. Many issues from 1979 include "Endpapers", with letters to the editor and other miscellany. Annual index in each September issue...... Back issues available on ProQuest’s Periodicals Archive Online Collection 10.

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The Signal Companion: A Classified Guide to 25 years of Signal Approaches to Children's Books includes classified annotations for articles published 1970-1994.

No.10 January 1973: SIGNAL Reprints: "Jules Verne at Home" by Marie Belloc Lowndes; "Author on the Run" by Ivan Southall; "Skip-rope Rhymes: Some International Variations" by Francelia Butler; "Pat Hutchins: A Natural" by Elaine Moss; "The Apple People" (poem) by Alan Tucker; "Growing Pains: A Survey of Honor Arundel's Novels" by Celia Boyd; Notebook by Pelorus.


No. 12 September 1973: "The Puffin Years" by Eleanor Graham; "A World Beneath the Waves (part 2)" by Hugh & Maureen Crago; "Chiyoko Nakatani" by Elaine Moss; "A Poetry-Book Survey" by Alan Tucker.


No. 14 May 1974: "The Emancipated Child in the Novels of E. Nesbit" by Mary Croxson; "The Adult-eration of Children's Books" by Elaine Moss; SIGNAL Reprints: "Mrs Barbauld" by Catherine J. Hamilton; "Standards of Criticism for Children's Literature" by John Rowe Townsend; letters to Robert Leeson.


No. 16 January 1975: "Looking for a Pattern" by Jay Williams; "Andersen Complete" by Alan Tucker; "To the Toyland Frontier" by Robert Leeson; SIGNAL Reprints: "The Fantastic Imagination" by George Macdonald; "Quentin Blake" by Elaine Moss; "Folk Tales for Children in the Soviet Union" by Stuart Amor.


No. 17 May 1975: "Rumer Godden: Prince of Storytellers" by Elaine Moss; "Robinsonades: The J.A. Ahlstrand Collection" by Margit Hoffman; "Will It Travel Well?" by Patricia Crampton; "Penelope Farmer's Novels" by Hugh Crago; SIGNAL Reprints: "The Parent's Assistant" by Austin Dobson.


No. 18 September 1975: "Chorister Quartet" (William Mayne) by Charles Sarland; "The Children's Books of the Year Exhibition" by Elaine Moss; SIGNAL Reprints: "The Reading of the Modern Girl" by Florence B. Low; "Swedish Children's Books in Britain" by Peter Graves; "The Other Award" by Andrew Mann.


No. 19 January 1976: "Dreams Must Explain Themselves" by Ursula K. Le Guin; "Critical Method for Children's Literature: A Booklist" by Peter Hunt; "The Value of Exhibitions" by Peter Opie; "On the Tail of the Seductive Horse" by Elaine Moss; "Patricia Wrightson" by Hugh & Maureen Crago; SIGNAL Reprints: "Recollections of Lewis Carroll" by Harry Furniss.


No. 20 May 1976: "What Were We Arguing About?" by Robert Leeson; "Modern Fantasy: Five Studies" reviewed by Hugh Crago; "Muscular Ideology: A Look at Chinese Children's Books" by C.S. Hannabuss; SIGNAL Reprints: "Bad Literature for the Young" by Alexander Strahan.


No. 21 September 1976: "Reflections on The Wind in the Willows" by Jay Williams; "Josef Lada, Illustrator" by Stuart Amor; "Opening the Children's Books of the Year Exhibition" by Rumer Godden; "'The Ridiculous Risk': Dorothy Butler's Children's Bookshop" by Elaine Moss; SIGNAL Reprints: "Fairy Tales as Literature" (Part 1) by Una Ashworth Taylor; "Joyce & Court Oldmeadow: Winners of the Eleanor Farjeon Award" by Judy Taylor.


No. 22 January 1977: "Cushla and Her Books" by Dorothy Butler; "In Which Methuen Gives a Pooh Party" by Elaine Moss; SIGNAL Reprints: "Fairy Tales as Literature" (Part 2) by Una Ashworth Taylor.


No. 23 May 1977: "Pig-in-the-Middle: Some Reflections on the Function of the Children's Book Reviewer" by Elaine Moss; "The Reader in the Book: Notes from Work in Progress" by Aidan Chambers; "The Cool Web: A Review" by C.S. Hannabuss; "Book Post" by Lance Salway & Nancy Chambers.


No. 24 September 1977: "Accepting the Eleanor Farjeon Award" by Elaine Moss; "Learning to Read: An essay with some Victorian Examples of Reading Games" by Alan Tucker; "Cushla, Carol and Rebecca" by Virginia Lowe; "The Best of Both Worlds?" by Robert Leeson; "Book Post" (a correspondence between Lance Salway & Nancy Chambers about new children's books) and "Book Post Returns" (readers' responses).


No. 26 May 1978: "'Origins' from A History of Storytelling" by Arthur Ransome; "'Them's for the Infants, Miss: Some Misguided Attitudes to Picture Books for the Older Reader" by Elaine Moss; "Sven Wernstrom: Traditionalist and Reformer" by Peter Graves; "Book Post Returns"; "Book Post" by Lance Salway & Nancy Chambers.


No. 27 September 1978: "The Signal Poetry Award"; "Jay Williams, 1914-1978" by Robert Newman; "An Interview with Alan Garner" by Aidan Chambers; "Castle Building" by Frances Eliza Crompton; "'Them's for the Infants, Miss' Part 2" by Elaine Moss; "Rumcajs: A Modern Fairy-Tale Hero" by Stuart Amor; "The Children's Literature Association".


No. 30 September 1979: "An Interview with Robert Cormier" by Aidan Chambers; "K.M. Briggs, Novelist" by Elaine Moss; "Cultural Categories and the Criticism of Children's Literature" by Hugh Crago; "Faces Over My Typewriter" by Robert Leeson; "The Key of the Kingdom" by Griselda Greaves; "Book Post" by Lance Salway & Nancy Chambers.


No. 31 January 1980: "W(h)ither Picture Books?: Some Tricks of the Trade" by Elaine Moss; "Edward Ardizzone" by Gabriel White; "Whatever Happened to Jan Mark?" by Peter Hunt; "Ten Years of Parcels" by Anthea Bell; "Questions of Response" by Margaret Meek; "The American Connection" by Betsy Hearne; "'Snow White': One Child's Response in a Natural Setting" by Maureen Crago. "Endpapers".

No. 33 September 1980: "Coming to Books" by Margery Fisher; "Cinderella's Many Guises: A Look at Early Sources and Recent Versions" by Neil Philip; "Accepting the Eleanor Farjeon Award" by Dorothy Butler; "The American Connection" by Betsy Hearne; "A China Diary: Peking" by Margaret Clark; "Endpapers".

No. 34 January 1981: "The Hunt for Evil" by Robert Westall; "Criticism and Pseudo-Criticism" by Peter Hunt; "The Dream and the Reality: A Children's Book Critic Goes Back to School" by Elaine Moss; "Images of Adolescence Part I" by Susan Thompson; Endpapers includes "Margaret Meek recommends".


No. 35 May 1981: "The Signal Poetry Award" by Margaret Meek & Peter Hunt; "Remembering Eleanor Farjeon" by Grace Hogarth; "Fantasy: Double Cream or Instant Whip" by Neil Philip; "The American Connection" by Betsy Hearne; "Re-viewing Reviews" by Stuart Hannabuss; "Images of Adolescence Part II" by Susan Thompson. "Endpapers".


No. 36 September 1981: "Return from Tunbridge Wells" by Elaine Moss; "Magical Thought in Story" by Anne Wilson; "Taking a Good Look at Picture Books" by Celia Berridge; "Living with Poetry" by Myfanwy Thomas; "A Fine Scepticism: Academics, Children and Books" by Peter Hunt; "Stories for Life: A Book Exhibition" by Grace Hallworth.


No. 37 January 1982: "Writing for Children" by Betsy Byars; "False Premises" [review of The Promise of Happiness by Fred Inglis] by Charles Sarland; "Tom's Midnight Garden and the Vision of Eden" by Neil Philip; "Using the Osborne Collection Facsimiles" by Gabrielle Maunder; "The American Connection" by Betsy Hearne; "Fly Away, Peter?" [Peter Pan] by Nicholas Tucker.


No. 38 May 1982: "The Signal Poetry Award [You Can't Catch Me! by Michael Rosen & Quentin Blake]" by Peter Hunt & Margaret Meek; "A Case of Commitment" [the novels of Katherine Paterson] by Anthea Bell; "The Kurt Maschler Award [the Emil]" by Elaine Moss; "Morals and Magic for Victorian Children" by Anne Wilson; "Books for the Under Twos" by Valerie Willsher; "History and Harvey Darton" by Alan Tucker.


No. 39 September 1982: "Magic in the Poetry of Charles Causley" by Neil Philip; "Who Remembers Elizabeth?" by M. Nancy Cutt; "Choosing Information Books" by Jennifer Wilson; "Learning Without Literature" by Elaine Moss; "The Readers in the Reader: An Experiment in Personal Response and Literary Criticism" by Hugh Crago; "Thoughts on Margaret Meek's Learning to Read" by Valerie Willsher; "The American Connection" by Barbara Elleman.


No. 40 January 1983: "The Writers in the Writer: A Reply to Hugh Crago" by Jill Paton Walsh; "The Slow Art of John Gordon" by Edward Blishen; "The Difficult Poem" by John Danby; "A New Arabian Nights" by Anne Wilson; "The Novels of Robert C. O'Brien" by Brian Morse; "The Child's Changing Story" by Aidan Chambers.


No. 41 May 1983: "The Signal Poetry Award [The Rattle Bag edited by Seamus Heaney & Ted Hughes]" by Margaret Meek & Neil Philip; "Picture Books There and Here" by Elaine Moss; "In Defence of Jan: Love and Betrayal in The Owl Service and Red Shift" by Victor Watson; "Blume's Adolescents: Coming of Age in Limgo" by Lynne Hamilton; "Creation to Civilization" by Hugh Crago; "Making Ourselves an Exhibition" by Gordon Dennis & Linda Woodacre.


No. 42 September 1983: "Talking Pictures: A New Look at 'Hansel and Gretel'" by Jane Doonan; "Help a Child to Read: An Interview with Susan Belgrave" by Elaine Moss; "Nonsense and the Language of Poetry" by Susan T. Viguers; "The Tailors of Gloucester" by Richard Hough; "The Secret Seven versus The Twits: Cultural Clash or Cosy Combination?" by Charles Sarland; "Another Side to Catherine Sinclair" by M. Nancy Cutt.


No. 43 January 1984: "Fireside Tales of the Traveller Children" by Duncan Williamson; "This Way Confusion?" [on criticism] by Neil Philip; "An Interview with Norman Nicholson" by Phillip Hay and Angharad Wynn-Jones; "Dr Bettelheim and Enchantment" by Nicholas Tucker; "Childist Criticism: The Subculture of the Child, the Book and the Critic" by Peter Hunt.


No. 44 May 1984: "The Signal Poetry Award [Sky in the Pie by Roger McGough]" by Neil Philip & Margaret Meek; "The Civilizing Process in Fairy Tales" by Anne Wilson; "A.A. Milne on Books for Children" by Elaine Moss; "Two Artists Telling Tales: Chihiro Iwasaki and Lisbeth Zwerger" by Jane Doonan; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at the University of Birmingham" by W.D. Emrys Evans; "Information Books 1983: Weeds or Flowers?" by Jennifer Wilson.


No. 45 September 1984: "Who Does Snow-White Look At?" by Hugh Crago; "Hope is the Spur" by Joan Aiken; "Speaking of Shifters" by Margaret Meek; "A Drawing and Three Poems" by Laurie Clark, John Wain, Alan Tucker, Thomas A. Clark; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at Worcester College of Higher Education" by Mary Croxson; "Questions of Method and Methods of Questioning: Childist Criticism in Action" by Peter Hunt.


No. 46 January 1985: "Translator's Notebook: The Naming of Names" by Anthea Bell; "Evadne Price: An Assessment" by Sanjay Sircar; "Reading and Writing: The Arithmetic" by Elaine Moss; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at the University of Cambridge" by Victor Watson; "Tony Ross: Art to Enchant" by Jane Doonan; "A Personal Philosophy of Publishing" by Marni Hodgkin; "A Children's Own Book Club" by Christine Vooght.


No. 47 May 1985: "The Signal Poetry Award [What is the Truth? by Ted Hughes]" by Neil Philip & Anthea Bell; "The Black Rabbit: Part One [influence of Uncle Remus]" by John Goldthwaite; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at the University of Exeter" by Geoff Fox; "Books for the Special Child" by Rachel Anderson; "Book Displays" by Alan Heath.


No. 48 September 1985: "Selling the Children Short" by Elaine Moss; "Translator's Notebook: On Approaching the Traditional Tales" by Anthea Bell; "The Black Rabbit: Part Two" by John Goldthwaite; "Rediscovering The Little Wooden Horse" by John Gough; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at Bulmershe College of Higher Education" by Dennis Butts & Tony Watkins; "Texts and Training: Some Notes on the Metaphor of Reading as a Military Operation" by Geoff Williams.


No. 49 January 1986: "Among Schoolchildren" by Seamus Heaney; "Translator's Notebook: Delicate Matters" by Anthea Bell; "Boxes of Delight: Aspects of the Renier Collection" by Tessa Chester; "Leonine" [poem] by Kevin Crossley-Holland; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at S. Martin's College, Lancaster" by David Aitkin & Anthony Kearney; "Inside the Lurking-Glass with Ted Hughes" by Lissa Paul.


No. 50 May 1986: "The Signal Poetry Award [to Gareth Owen's Song of the City]" by Anthea Bell & Brian Morse; "The Great Hunt [researching Beatrix Potter]" by Judy Taylor; "Outside Over There: A Journey in Style" Part I, by Jane Doonan; "A Language for Life: A One-Day Conference Takes Stock" by Elaine Moss; "A Visit to Japan" by Eileen Colwell; two poems by Alan Tucker; "A Signal Conversation [tracing developments in Signal]" by Hugh Crago; Endpapers: "Margaret Meek recommends..." and Neil Philip's response to Morag Styles on children writing poetry.


No. 51 September 1986: "Read with Me and After" by Liz Waterland; four poems by Brian Morse; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at York University" by Jennifer Bailey & Peter Hollindale; "Outside Over There: A Journey in Style" Part Two, by Jane Doonan; "All of a Tremble to See His Danger" [May Hill Arbuthnot Lecture] by Aidan Chambers; "A Book Chain in Action" by Elizabeth Hammill; "A Storybook Year" by Frances Collinson.


No. 52 January 1987: "Second Impression: Tales out of School by Geoffrey Trease" by Peter Hollindale; "Wanted Tove Jansson's Cartoon Books!" by Anne Wilson; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at Craigie College of Education, Ayr" by Anne Scott; "Animals Don't Smile" [poem] by John Gordon; "Looking at Picture Books Again: Sing a Song for Sixpence" by Tessa Rose Chester; "Easy Connections: Emotional Truth and Fictional Gratification" by Hugh Crago; "Richmal the Resilient" by Mary Cadogan.


No. 53 May 1987: "The Signal Poetry Award" [to Early in the Morning by Charles Causley] by Anthea Bell & Brian Morse; "Symbolic Outlining: The Academic Study of Children's Literature" by Margaret Meek; "Unfair, Unfair" [poem] by Jan Mark; "Sis Beatrix" (Part One) [influence of Uncle Remus on Beatrix Potter] by John Goldthwaite; "Her Clear Grey Eyes Had Never Needed Glasses" [Elinor Brent-Dyer] by Martin Spence; "The Opie Appeal" by Gillian Avery.


No. 54 September 1987: "Joining the Network" by Margaret Mahy; "Sis Beatrix" (Part Two) by John Goldthwaite; "Rrtr's Strbk: A Report from the Academy" by Peter F. Neumeyer; "Enigma Variations: What Feminist Theory Knows about Children's Literature" by Lissa Paul: "Children's Books in the Education of Librarians at the College of Librarianship Wales, Aberystwyth" by Ray Lonsdale & John Spink.


No. 55 January 1988: "Ideology and the Children's Book" by Peter Hollindale; "My Mother, My Children and Books" by Susan T. Viguers; "The Idle Bear and the Active Reader" by Jane Doonan; "Poetry by Heart" by June Benn; "A Sense of History" by Gillian Avery; "Booked by Dorset" ['real books'] by Joan Hickmott.


No. 56 May 1988: "Man of Letters" [Michael Harvey] by Judy Taylor; "The Signal Poetry Award" [to Boo to a Goose by John Mole] by Brian Morse & Jan Mark; "Dumb Bunnies: A Re-visionist Re-reading of Watership Down" by Lissa Paul; "Questions about Elinor [Brent-Dyer]" by Helen McClelland; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at the University of Sydney" by Geoff Williams; "Second Impression: Tellers of Tales by Roger Lancelyn Green" by Peter Hunt.


No. 57 September 1988: "I Remember . . ." by Astrid Lindgren; "What is Magic?" by Anne Wilson; "'Just Really What They Do' or, Re-reading Mrs Molesworth" by Jane Cooper; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at Armidale College of Advanced Education" by Bonnie Rasmussen; "The Manchester Polytechnic Library's Collection of Children's Books" by W.H. Shercliff; "What Do We Lose When We Lose Allusion?: Experience and Understanding Stories" by Peter Hunt.


No. 58 January 1989: "Quick-Change Artists" [poem] by John Gordon; "Beginnings" by John Gordon; "Realisim and Surrealism in Wonderland: John Tenniel and Anthony Browne" by Jane Doonan; "Double Dutch" [children's books in the Netherlands] by Joke Linders; "Teaching Children's Literature in Canada" by Lissa Paul; "The Last Days in the Old Home" [about Arthur Mee's Encyclopedia] by Hugh Crago.


No. 59 May 1989: "The Signal Poetry Award" [to James Berry's When I Dance] by Jan Mark & Aidan Chambers; "Ten Years of the Signal Poetry Award" by Nancy Chambers; "Taking Time" ['difficulty' in poetry for children] by Alan Tucker; "Intimate Leaves from a Designer's Notebook" by John Ryder; "Perspectives in Prose: Re-reading Some of Mrs Ewing's Stories" by Margery Fisher; "The Regretful Philosopher Apologizes to His Cat" [poem] by John Mole; "Intimations of Imitations: Fractal Geometry and Children's Literature" by Lissa Paul.


No. 60 September 1989: "The Historical Imagination" by Elaine Moss; "Learning to Read with Picture Books: An Anniversary" by Jill Bennett; "Invisible Pictures" [the word-image relationship] by Philip Pullman; "The Last Letter" by John Ryder; "Reading Classics with Young Children" by Liz Waterland; "Sturdy Republicans: Nineteenth-Century American Children" by Gillian Avery.


No. 61 January 1990: "The Darkening of the Green" [environmentalism] by Peter Hollindale; "A Certain Particularity: An Interview with Janet & Allan Ahlberg" by Elaine Moss; "A Bear in the Nursery: Richard Hengist Horne Writing for Children" by Margery Fisher; "Three Poems" by Joan Aiken; "The Typography Critic" by John Ryder; "Lessons in Publishing" by Margaret Clark; "Children's Publishing in the 1930s: Memoirs of an American in London" by Grace Hogarth; "The Author and the Editor: The Inaugural Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Jill Paton Walsh & John Rowe Townsend.


No. 62 May 1990: "The Signal Poetry Award" [to Allan Ahlberg's Heard it in the Playground] by Jan Mark & Peter Holding; "Keeping Company with Wayne Booth and Others" by Margaret Meek; "Brenda & Her Works" by Charlotte Lennox-Boyd; "Extra-Dimensional Book Design" by John Ryder; "The Constructedness of Texts: Picture Books and the Metafictive" by David Lewis; "Examining Children's Literature: Children's Books at the University of Wales College of Cardiff" by Peter Hunt.


No. 63 September 1990: "Picking Up the Book" [physical attributes of books] by John Goldthwaite; "Lost from the Nursery: Women Writing Poetry for Children 1800-1850" by Morag Styles; "Escape Claws: Cover Stories on Lolly Willowes and Crusoe's Daughter" by Lissa Paul; "'A welly serious thing': Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno" by John Spink; "Books to Grow On" by Steve Bicknell.

No. 64 January 1991: "Lucy Boston, Storyteller" by Peter Hollindale; "Feeding the Artist [Literacy through Literature: Children's Books Make a Difference]" by Elaine Moss; "Tarzan the Incomparable" by Tove Jansson, translated by Patricia Crampton; "Children's Literature in New Zealand: New Initiatives in Higher Education" by Kirsty Cochrane; "Two Poems" by Adele Geras; "An Interview with Nadia Wheatley" by Alice Nieuwenhuizen; "Reading New Books" with contributions from Steve Bicknell, Nancy Chambers, Margaret Clark, Jane Doonan, Elizabeth Hammill, Mary Steele, Pauline Thomas.

No. 65 May 1991: "The Signal Poetry Award" [to Gerard Benson's This Poem Doesn't Rhyme] by Peter Holding & Jan Mark; "The Critic and the Child" by Peter Hollindale; "A Childhood in Puffins" by William Tucker; "Early to Read" by Margaret Clark; "Books about Children's Books 1990" by Sheila Ray; "Reading New Books" by Jane Doonan & David Lewis [on picture-book criticism].


No. 66 September 1991: "On Receiving the Signal Poetry Award" by Gerard Benson; "Poetry and Pirates Swallows and Amazons at Sea" by Victor Watson; "Enter Fairy Godmother..." by Hilda Ellis Davidson; "A Writer's Life and Landscape" by Jane Gardam; "The Great War in Pictures" [poem] by Hugh Crago; "Reading New Books" by Mary Steele & Elizabeth Hammill.


No. 67 January 1992: "Finding Their Levels while Losing Our Balance?" by Liz Waterland; "Poems" by Thomas A. Clark; "Transitions: The Notion of Change in Writing for Children" [Patrick Hardy Lecture] by Margaret Meek; "Librarians for Children Today" by Peggy Heeks; "Do You Admire the View? The Critics Go Looking for Nonsense" by John Goldthwaite; "Reading New Books" [on fiction 6 to 9] by Elizabeth Hammill & Nancy Chambers.


No. 68 May 1992: "The Signal Poetry Award" [to Anne Harvey's Shades of Green] by Gerard Benson, Stephen Bicknell & Jennifer Wilson; "Finnish Children's Liteature" by Riitta Kuivasmäki; "An Interview with Maurice Sendak" by Charlotte F. Otten; "Books about Children's Books 1991" by Sheila Ray; "Reading New Books" [on teenage fiction] by Pauline Thomas.


No. 69 September 1992: "The Interpretation of Parables" by Ted Hughes; "Reading Alone" by Lance Salway; "How You Become a Children's Writer" by Wim Hoffman, translated by Lance Salway; "Stories from a Victorian Nursery" by Margery Fisher; "Journey into Poetry" by Anne Harvey; "Drawing Winners: The Kate Greenaway Nominations 1991" by Jane Doonan.


No. 70 January 1993: Issue edited by Margaret Clark; "A Catholic Reader of the Thirties" by Isabel Quigly; "Pick up a Penguin" by Aidan Chambers; "Penguins in the Early Fifties: A Personal Memory" by David Herbert; "A Puffin Illustrator of the Forties" by Robin Denniston; "Whatever Happened to Little Oleg? Brockhampton Press in the Sixties" by Antony Kamm.


No. 71 May 1993: "The Signal Poetry Award" [to Jackie Kay's Two's Company] by Diana Hendry, Stephen Bicknell & Jennifer Wilson; "Adlestrop and After" by Jan Mark; "The Patrick Hardy Lecture Books and Schools: Books in Schools" by Michael Rosen; "Books about Children's Books 1992" by Sheila Ray; "Whispers: Song for Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood", picture & poem by Tessa Rose Chester; "Writing 'for' Children" by Eleanor Farjeon.


No. 72 September 1993: "Album of an Exhibition" by Elaine Moss; "Peter Pan, Captain Hook and the Book of the Video" by Peter Hollindale; "Biggles Goes to the Cleaners" by Anthony E. Greaves; "Views on Reviews and Views from the Balcony" [the Australian scene] by Heather Scutter; "Endpapers: Reading New Books" [on a translation from the Italian].


No. 73 January 1994: "Rupert in Space and Time" by Hugh Crago; "Two Poems" by John Mole; "The Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Jan Mark; "Views on Reviews: A Patchwork" by Nancy Chambers, with a contribution from Jenny Pausacker; "Attack of the Teenage Horrors: Theme and Meaning in Popular Series Fiction" by Charles Sarland; "Trying to be Good" by Alan Tucker; "Endpapers: Letter from Maria Pia Alignani".


No. 74 May 1994: "The Signal Poetry Award to Philip Gross The All-Nite Café (Faber)" by Jennifer Wilson, Stephen Bicknell, Nancy Chambers; "Questions of Poetry" by John Mole; "Essaying the Review" by Lissa Paul; "Madame de Ségur, Ideal Grandmother" by Gwen Marsh; "Revenge of the Teenage Horrors: Pleasure, Quality and Canonicity in (and out of) Popular Series Fiction" by Charles Sarland; "Books about Children's Books 1993" by Sheila Ray; "These Piglets Fled Away" by Peter Hollindale; "Endpapers".


No. 75 September 1994: "Into the Dangerous World: We are all in the Dumps with Jack and Guy by Maurice Sendak" by Jane Doonan; "Tove Jansson" by Thomas Warburton; "Just Pretending" by Catherine Barron; "Little Anna and Big Anna" by Anna Crago; "What Are You Writing?: The Parent-Observer at Home" by Virginia Lowe; "Books for the First Enterers" by Gillian Avery; "Crossing the Divide: Publishing Children's Books in the European Context" by Klaus Flugge.


No. 76 January 1995: "The Constructedness of Children" (review article on Children's Literature: Criticism and the Fictional Child by Karin Lesnick-Oberstein) by Margaret Meek; "Thoughts on Introducing Children's Literature" (review article on Peter Hunt's Introduction to Children's Literature) by Neil Philip; "Raising the Issues" on politics and children's literature, by Michael Rosen; "The View from The Hill: Lovely and Melancholy Reading" by Geoff Fox; "Reviews, Reviewers and Reviewing: The Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Julia Eccleshare.


No. 77 May 1995: "The Signal Poetry Award to Helen Dunmore: Secrets (Bodley Head)" by Jan Mark & John Mole; "The Picture Book: A Form Awaiting Its History" by David Lewis; "Books about Children's Books 1994" by Sheila Ray; "The Young Musician in Children's Books" by Helen McClelland; "Children's Books in Teacher Education at Westminster College, Oxford" by Mary Sutcliffe.


No. 78 September 1995: "Grace Abounding" by Barbara Ker Wilson; "Grace Hogarth, in Celebration" by Elaine Moss, Delia Huddy, Philippa Pearce, Julia MacRae & Nancy Chambers; "The Jolly Postman's Long Ride, or, Sketching a Picture-Book History" by David Lewis; "Helen Keller: Words, Worlds and Literacies" by Pam Whitty; "John Newbery and Tom Telescope" by John Rowe Townsend.


No. 80 May 1996: "The Signal Poetry Award to Buns for the Elephants by Mike Harding" by Jan Mark & John Mole; "Clever Bill: William Nicholson, Children & Picture Books" by Elaine Moss; "Going Along with Mr Gumpy: Polysystemy and Play in the Modern Picture Book" by David Lewis; "Easy as ABC" by Mary Abbott; "Books about Children's Books 1995" by Sheila Ray; Endpapers, including Gillian Lathey on a translation seminar.


No. 81 September 1996: "Newcomers" (on children's books in teaching English as second language to immigrant children) by Maureen Guy; "The Constructedness of Critics" (review article on Children's Literature Comes of Age: Toward a New Aesthetic by Maria Nikolajeva) by Margaret Meek; "The Development of Modern Children's Literature in Late Twentieth-Century Ireland" by Emer O'Sullivan; Endpapers: Brian Alderson & David Lewis disagree about Lewis's picture-book articles.


No. 82 January 1997: "Finding a Religion" (memoir of importance of stories in a Jewish childhood in 1930s Germany) by Silvia Rodgers (wife of politician William Rodgers); "England's Dreaming" (study of Alan Garner's adult novel Strandloper) by Neil Philip; "Children's Books and the Media: The Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Anna Home (head of children's programmes, BBC); "The Splendid Crown and the Humble Pen: Some Royal Writers for Children" by Lance Salway; "The Further Adventures of Pinocchio: In which Pinocchio returns to school to study Gresham's Law" by John Goldthwaite (author of The Natural History of Make-Believe).


No. 83 May 1997: "Signal Poetry Award Recipients" (list of winners and honourable mentions since 1979); "The Signal Poetry Award 1997: Carol Ann Duffy, editor, Stopping for Death" by Brian Morse & Michael Glover; "In Two Minds: Topics and Themes in The Natural History of Make-Believe" by Margaret Meek; "Pictures for Children in the Netherlands" by Huub Lamers (account of exhibitions of original picture-book artwork); "A Constant Need of Wall" by Ted van Lieshout (experiences of this picture-book artist as subject of one such exhibition); "Children's Literature at the University of Warwick" by Christine Wilkie; "Books about Children's Books 1996" by Sheila Ray.


No. 84 September 1997: "Mabel Quiller-Couch: An Edwardian Children's Author in Hampstead" by Gene Adams; "A Don May Look at a Genius" by Anne Wilson; "Drawn to Illustration: Greenaway Artists in 1997" by Jane Doonan; "The Heinses at the Horn Book" by Nancy Chambers; "A Life with Children and Books" by Ethel L. Heins; "Parents and Children Sharing Books: An Observational Study" by Maggie Moore & Barrie Wade.


No. 85 January 1998: "Translating Verse for Children" by Anthea Bell; "The Silver Sword: A Publishing Story" by Jane Serraillier Grossfeld; "Not the Whole Story" (review article on Children's Book Publishing in Britain Since 1945) by Margaret Clark; "Let's Write It in Red: The Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Philip Pullman; "Report from Limbo: Reading Historical Children's Literature Today" by Susan R. Gannon.

No. 86 May 1998: "Signal Poetry Award 1998" to Bad, Bad Cats by Roger McGough (Viking) by Bob Barton & Lissa Paul; "Having to Read to Learn" by Margaret Meek; "C. Walter Hodges: Word Artisit" by Elaine Moss; "Adventures Among the Midrashim" by Jan Mark; "Books About Children's Books 1997" by Sheila Ray

No. 87 September 1998: Papers presented at the 1997 MLA Convention in an issue edited by Sandra Beckett & Lissa Paul. "The Survival of the Book" by Tim Wynne-Jones; "Strange Business: The Publishing Point of View" by Wendy Lamb; "The Left-Handed Story" by Nancy Willard; "The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books" by Leslie McGrath; "Revolution and Reverence: French Children's Literature Collections" by Jean Perrot; "Man-books Kiddie Lit and Critical Distemper" by Beverly Lyuon Clark; "Cultural History and the Meanings of Children's Literature" by Ruth Bottogheimer.


No. 88 January 1999: "The Shared Moment: Thoughts on Children & Poetry", on Morag Styles's From the Garden to the Street, by Neil Philip; "Playing in the Phase Space: Contemporary Forms of Fictional Pleasure" by Margaret Mackey; "Edward Blishen: Teacher versus Critic" by Nick Tucker; "Other Sides of the Story: War in Translated Children's Fiction" by Gillian Lathey; "The Second Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation" by Anthea Bell; "Every Year is a Year of Reading: The Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Liz Attenborough; Endpapers includes Lissa Paul & Peter Hunt on Ted Hughes.


No. 89 May 1999: "Signal Poetry Award to Jackie Kay's The Frog Who Dreamed She was an Opera Singer" by Margaret Meek & Heather Kay; "Emil and the Detectives: A Publishing Story" by Gerda Faerber; "Aesop in the Shadows-The Annual Linder Memorial Lecture" by Peter Hollindale; "Books about Children's Books 1998" by Sheila Ray; Endpapers, including Morag Styles responding to Neil Philip.


No. 90 September 1999: "Books Before Lunch" by Joan Aiken; "Translating Pictures" by Emer O'Sullivan; "Presencing the Past" by Valerie Krips; "The International Case of Little Colourless Babaji: Reracinating, Returning and Retaining a Classic" by Sanjay Sircar; Endpapers, Peter Hollindale on journeying childnesses.


No. 91 January 2000: "Reading in Childhood" by Elaine Moss; "Nina Bawden: An Author for Today" reprinted from January 1971 issue; "Children's Literature and the Emerging Artist" by Susan T. Viguers; "Betwixt and Between: The Canonization of Naughton and Nolan" by David Rudd; "The Strange Story of the Unidentical Twins: The Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Quentin Blake; Endpapers including more about Little Black Sambo.


No. 92 May 2000: "The Signal Poetry Award 2000 to Christopher Reid's All Sorts" by Peter Hollindale & Sophie Hannah; "The Unlearned Lessons of the Stories Children Tell" by Hugh Crago; "Hans Christian Andersen Award 2000 to Anthony Browne" by Jane Doonan; "Books about Children's Books 1999" by Sheila Ray .


No. 93 September 2000: "Josef Guggenmos: Poet for Children" by Anthea Bell; "We All Went on a Prize Hunt: The Carnegie Medal Presentation" by Alan Tucker; "The Death of Populism" by Aidan Chambers; "Children's Fiction Set on or near Canals: A Collection" by Joan Tucker; "Boutique Inclusiveness in Literacy Education" by Lissa Paul; Endpapers: Sheila Ray on resources for studying children's books.


No. 94 January 2001: "Enid Blyton: The Mystery Revealed" by Hugh Crago; "Not in front of the children! The Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Jacqueline Wilson; "Odysseys: The Childness of Journeying Children" by Peter Hollindale; "Ethel Talbot" by David Grugeon; "Brethren's Child" by Ethel Talbot.


No. 95 May 2001: "The Signal Poetry Award 2001 to The Oldest Girl in the World by Carol Ann Duffy (Faber & Faber)" by Peter Hollindale & Margaret Meek; "From World Republic to World Market: Emer O'Sullivan on Comparative Children's Literature" by Gillian Lathey; "Books about Children's Books 2000" by Sheila Ray; "Brethren's Child (Part Two)" by Ethel Talbot.


No. 96 September 2001: issue out of print.

No. 97 January 2002:  "Book Jackets" by Michael Harvey; "Who was Ethel Talbot?" by David Grugeon; "Where the Poems Come From" by John Mole; "Children's Literature in a Brutal World: A Critical Response to Joseph Zornado's Inventing the Child" by Margaret Mackey; "Narrative Heaven: The Editor's Tale" (The Patrick Hardy Lecture), by David Fickling; in Endpapers: Margaret Clark on book collecting, Peter Hunt on conference speakers, Hildy Johnson on "issues" in Pooh.
No. 98 May 2002:  "Tune, Argument, Colour, Truth" by John Mole; "Transformations of Pastoral and Gothic in Children's Fiction" by Tess Cosslett; "Charting the Territory: The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English" by Clive Barnes; "Books about Children's Books 2001" by Sheila Ray; "Ethel Talbot the Writer" by David Grugeon; Dorothy Devlin on Ethel Talbot in Endpapers.
No. 99 September 2002:  "Elsie Piddock, Then and Now" by Anne Harvey; "The Discipline of Children's Literature: To Benchmark or not to Benchmark" by Peter Hunt; "Keeping Children's Classics Alive and the Case of Beatrix Potter" by Nicholas Tucker; "Teaching Children's Literature as a comparative literary subject in a British University" by Penny Brown; "The Collecting Mystery" by Brian Alderson; "Signalling William Mayne" in Endpapers

No. 100 January, May & September 2003, combined volume: "What Are Fairy Tales?" by Hugh Crago; "Defining Edges and Closing Gaps: Structural Features in the Sequential Art of the Picture Book" by Jane Doonan; "So Many Books, So Little Time: The Patrick Hardy Lecture" by Anne Fine; "Consolation Prize" by Richard Flynn; "All the World's a Stage" by Peter Hollindale; "Translating Dutch into Dutch" by Vanessa Joosen; "In the Company of Shakespeare" by Ishrat Lindblad; "The Signal Poetry Award" by Jan Mark; "Reading Robert" by Margaret Meek; "A 1960s Scrapbook" by Elaine Moss; "Consuming Passions; or Why I'm Obsessed with L'Ogresse en Pleurs" by Lissa Paul; "The Shawl of the Beauty of the World: The Children's Books of Ted Hughes" by Neil Philip; "The Strange Case of the Invisible Jane Shaw" by Sheila Ray; "All Her Own Work: Gillian Bell and Black Marigolds" by Lance Salway; "The Mouse and the Doormat" by Alan Tucker; "Accepting the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2002" by Aidan Chambers; Endpapers-"Brian Alderson's Edward Ardizzone: A Bibliographic Commentary".

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